We provide flexible financing to facilitate the development, de-risking, and scaling of high-integrity carbon projects and offer long-term access to their generated carbon credits to both corporate and governments.


We have spent our careers providing financing for decarbonization and natural resource projects globally. We have expertise in structuring creative project and trade finance, and supporting projects through development into operation and expansion. We have young families, making us passionate about the environment they will inherit.




We finance and support high-quality, high-integrity carbon projects. We apply creative solutions that meet the diverse needs of project stakeholders such as investing through production-linked project financing or offering price-floor protection via an offtake.

We are a trusted supplier of carbon credits from an active portfolio of high-impact nature-based carbon removal projects that generate offsets at scale.

We support and monitor carbon market developments, with a focus on the cross-section of carbon credit projects into global compliance carbon markets as well as high-integrity use of carbon credits in the voluntary market.